Lash Trio


Introducing our groundbreaking Lash Trio, designed to revolutionize your lash experience. Each set features three distinct styles, all enhanced with our cutting-edge clear band technology for a flawless application and unmatched comfort. This versatile collection ensures you have the perfect lashes for any occasion, day or night.

Air: Embrace natural elegance with the most delicate half lash in the Trio. Air offers soft, fluttery layers with a short length and natural volume, creating an ethereal look. With an 18mm band, these half lashes are a breeze to apply—no measuring or trimming required. Perfectly crafted to enhance all eye shapes, they blend seamlessly with your natural lashes, eliminating the need for mascara.

Earth: Experience the dreamy allure of Earth, a semi-wispy half lash that adds just the right amount of length and volume. Designed to complement all eye shapes, this style ensures a flawless blend with your natural lashes. The 20mm band makes application effortless, providing a perfect fit every time.

Fire: Ignite your passion with Fire, our bold and full-bodied 3D mink lash. This style delivers incredible depth and dimension, with V-clusters that offer dramatic volume. The lightweight, invisible band ensures a seamless blend with your natural lash line, guaranteeing a flawless and undetectable finish.

Enhance your lash game effortlessly with our Lash Trio, the ultimate solution for stunning lashes at any time.

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